Words of Wisdom

"Sesiapa yang mahukan kesenangan di dunia hendaklah dia berilmu. Sesiapa yang mahukan kesenangan di akhirat hendaklah dia berilmu. Dan sesiapa yang menghendaki keduanya, maka hendaklah dia berilmu."

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beginning of my story...


With the name of Allah, I start off my blog searching for mahabbatillah.. InsyaAllah..
But, before that, I would like to apologies to anybody who are reading my posts, because of my terrible English :). It may not be that horrible but surely not good as yours..hehe. 
Anyway, this is the beginning of my story, (well, not really a story) a tell just to remind myself and you of this beautiful life that Allah has gave us..
Want to know more?? Stick with me and let us together shares our thoughts among each other and may Allah helps us to find the right path to be close to Him. Amin..

MasyaAllah...La hawlawala Quwwata Illa Billah...

Alhamdulillah.. Syukran Ya Allah..

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